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The AdC magazine website works hand in hand with Affaire de Coeur magazine - a mainstay of the San Francisco Bay Area publications that has provided reviews for the past 36 years. AdC was voted one of the Top Ten Publications in the Bay Area, received an Eppi Award, and featured in Writers Market. Our reviewers at AdC keep you updated on the latest fiction. In addition, we offer in-depth interviews of your favorite authors, educational and entertaining articles, news, trivia, contests, and hundreds of reviews. Every issue of Affaire de Coeur is full of fun and surprises.

Corporate Office Affaire de Coeur
3976 Oak Hill Road,
Oakland, CA 94605

Phone: 510-569-5675 (California Pacific Coast Time)
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1.What is Affaire de Coeur?

Affaire de Coeur literary magazine, also known as AdC Magazine, is the website for you! Here you can find the latest in reviews of today’s books from several different genres. We review everything, and we don’t pretty them up or knock authors down—we just tell it like it is. You’ll find articles about your favorite authors or features about how to write, direct links to author sites, contests, trivia and interviews.

2. How can I send a manuscript or galley to Affaire de Coeur?

We make it easy for you. AdC accepts print bound ARCs and pdf/kindle ebooks for review.


Send your request with the e-book as an attachment. In the subject line, please state Review Request and the genre. If your e-book is accepted for review, E-book reviews will be in the next available print magazine issue. We cannot guarantee that an e-book review will be placed in the print magazine by the release date. Review space is limited.

Send requests to


Print bound ARCs:

To expedite our sending it off to the correct reviewer, please identify the genre on the outside envelope. Send your ARC at least three months prior to publication date to:

Affaire de Coeur
3976 Oak Hill Road
Oakland, CA 94605

We will review books after publication, depending on when the book was released.  You may request a review with an ad or accepted article if there is space available in the magazine. This does not guarantee a high rated review. We strive to continue to be honest concern book reviews. 

3.Where can I find a copy of my review?

You can get it a number of ways:

a: If you have a four and one-half or five star review, it will be featured on our web site as well as in the magazine.

b: If you have taken out an ad either in the magazine or on our web site, it will be posted on our web site.

c: If you are a subscriber to Affaire de Coeur magazine and need an advanced copy of your review, we'll be happy to send it to you. Please let us know that you are a subscriber.

d: You may get a copy of your review from your publisher.

e: You may purchase a copy or copies of Affaire de Coeur magazine (print or pdf) either from our web site or by phone.

4.Where can I get a copy of Affaire de Coeur ?

You can get it a number of ways:

a: You may order a copy of Affaire de Coeur at most major book stores. 

b: You may purchase a copy or copies of Affaire de Coeur either from our web site or by phone.

5. How do I advertise with Affaire de Coeur

You may obtain ad information from our web site,

Melissa Ausflug

Pam Ackerson 

Louise Snead

Phone:  1-510-569-5675.

We'll be happy to help you.