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So, why advertise with us? It's simple. We want your business! We want the honor of earning your recommendations because you have trusted us with helping you promote your books. We strive to keep you connected with readers in a cost effective way. With great service, we make it easy-peasy. We can help you create an advertising plan and determine what is best for you.

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Print Advertising:

Details available for Print Advertising Rates

Web Advertising:

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If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of payment please email Sometimes paypal doesn't let us know a payment has been made. We now have Square and can accept Credit Card payments. If you'd prefer to make payments with your credit card we can invoice you through our Square account.


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Please send the tweet and image you would like to use to (up to 140 characters)  Two weeks--per book-- per month. 


Online Advertising Specials

For the Web:

If you use the prepay buttons below, please send the image you want advertised to and the link to the website you would like attached to the image. We cannot post the ad until the image is received. Cover (image size 150 x 225 ) 

Genre Review Page   $10 a week 

Your book cover will be displayed on one of the following pages: The Latest Reviews List page- Historical - Contemporary - Mystery/Suspense - Paranormal - Erotica OR the Booty The cover will be linked to a landing page of your choice. Your book will be announced on our networking sites during the week(s) you advertise.

Discount for multiple weeks:

2 weeks $15

3 weeks $20

4 weeks $25

Genre Review Page


Genre Review Page

6 months or longer, you may change the cover or ad when you want during the term of the advertisement. 6 months $150* --- If you order a 6 month Genre Page Ad, you will receive a complimentary quarter page ad in the next available print issue.

If you use the prepay buttons, please send the image and link you want advertised to We cannot post the ad until the image is received.

Payment for Online and Print Magazine ads can be made by check (American Bank) or through Paypal. You may click on the button to make payments or contact one of our advertising coordinators and they can send you the paypal link with an invoice. 

Paypal buttons are for your convenience. Recurring payments can be arranged using Paypal for print and online advertising.

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Affaire de Coeur is a bi-monthly magazine that features over 100 book reviews from all genres, including articles, interviews, and author previews. Our reviewers love to read. The majority of AdC magazine's readers are women and if women are the audience you’re trying to reach, AdC is the website for you. There are several opportunities and programs for you, providing the maximum coverage for your advertising dollars.

Print Advertising:
Details available for Print Advertising Rates

Web Advertising:
Details available for Website Advertising Rates

For print or web advertising:  

Corporate Office Affaire de Coeur
3976 Oak Hill Road
Oakland, CA 94605

Office Hours Corporate Office 9-5 PM (PST)

Phone: 1-510-569-5675
FAX: 1-510-632-8868


Office Hours East Coast Office 9-5 PM EST

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More followers. More readers. More reviews and more books sold. We can help.

Affordable advertising for all budgets is available in our print/PDF magazine, and online.

We know that it isn't easy to be found on the internet without marketing and advertising. Sometimes sheer luck happens but most of the time, it's perserverance and constantly putting yourself out there. Affaire de Coeur knows you need to advertise to sell yourself, your books, and business. That is why we make every attempt to sell and promote our authors and advertisers.

However, hat does Affaire de Coeur Magazine do to bring readers to their website?

We advertise and promote our authors, website, and magazine. In the last several months, according to twitter, we've been reaching about 1 million readers a month.

We have had an average readership of  pages per visitor. 

We know that in order for our magazine to stay in competition with the ever increasing review web pages that are created every day, we have to advertise as well. Due to Amazon policies, we no longer post reviews on Amazon. We post announcements on Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and various other networking sites that our reviewers and administrators belong to. We have advertised on Facebook, AOL, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, and other seach engines. We have advertised in the RWA Newsletter, ARRA, Blogtalk Radio, and various media outlets. We have a large following for our newsletter and send announcements out at least twice a month. 

And we aren't afraid to link our readers to other web pages. We want our readers to find our authors and advertisers.

And what has this type of marketing done for us -- for our authors and advertisers? We have steadily increased our readership on the website in the past year. By increasing our reach, hits, and readership, our authors are receiving the benefits of our increasing progress.    

We promise to continue striving to give you our best.


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