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Claiming Ana by Brynna Curry


Claiming Ana

Triple Star Ranch Book 1

by Brynna Curry

Genre: Paranormal Romance

In the bible belt of the Deep South, small-town veterinarian Anastasia Brannon hides her magic from all but those closest to her for fear of ridicule. After a red-hot encounter with the new PI in town, it is impossible to deny their attraction. Throwing caution to the wind, she indulges her desires but keeps her secrets close.
A man with secrets of his own, Howl Raven uses his feral talents and tracking skills to make a living, doing his best to lay low and hide the curse that haunts him every month. So far, so good…until an uncontrollable shift outside the full moon leaves him the victim of a werewolf hunter.
When Ana finds him wounded in the woods near her cabin during a storm, she has no choice but to rely on her magic and out her secret to Howl. Racing against time, a werewolf hunter, and nature itself, Ana may be the only one who can banish the wolf from Howl’s blood, but at what cost?

Author's Note: This book is a previously released prequel which has been extensively revised to include bonus content and a preview of Tempting Taylor. While it does have a fast HEA for Howl and Ana, the arcing storyline of Sam Murphy’s murder is left unresolved to be continued in the remaining books.

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Excerpt (steamy)

“So I already know work brings you to Shady Creek. How is that going? Any leads?” She added ice to their glasses, took out a pitcher of sweet tea from the fridge, and filled them while Howl set their Styrofoam plates on the table.

“Nothing I can really discuss yet.”

“Ah, I see. The county cops are investigating, but it’s a slow process. Cade is supposed to keep his nose out of things, but I expected him to find a loophole around that. Sam Murphy was a good man. Tough, but attentive to his sons. I hope whatever you find won’t destroy their image of him. Their mama died when the boys were six and Sam raised them alone. Well he did have Bren’s help.”

“That’s rough.”

“Yes, for all of them. I’m sure it was hard, but Sam never let it show. The Murphy boys were wild growing up, but I’d say they’ve settled down some now. Well, most of them anyway. Jace is still rough around the edges.”

The sound he made was perilously close to a growl. “Both men seem very protective of you.”

She couldn't resist rattling his cage a little. “You might say that.”

“Cade actually warned me off.”

“Well, we all grew up together. Jace and I dated during our senior year. I was co-head cheerleader. He was quarterback on the varsity football team. You know how the story goes.”

He nodded. “So what happened? No dreams of settling down at that age?”

“I knew Jace planned to either enlist or pursue a career in law enforcement. I didn’t want to be a military or cop’s wife. The thought of wondering where he was, when he would come home, would he be safe or dead when he did return. I just couldn’t handle it. I wanted to focus on my degree. So senior year ended and before we destroyed each other, we chose to be friends instead of lovers.”

“Seems like a wise choice.”

“We thought so. Still hurt as breakups do. He was my first love, but he’s not destined to be my last.”

“That’s an odd way of putting it.”

“I guess it is. Anyway, so Jace took off in search of danger, ended up CIA, before landing here again. Drew started his journey toward the FBI. And Cade, well everybody thought he would follow Taylor when she left for California, but he stayed and eventually joined the police force.”

“Who’s Taylor?” Howl closed his plate and sipped his tea. “Girlfriend?”

“Seriously? You’re telling me you have spent more than five minutes with Cade Murphy and he's never talked about her? No calls or texts from her interrupting your meetings?”

“No, but then the chief doesn’t seem like the type to interrupt work with a call from a girlfriend. Enlighten me.”

“Taylor’s parents were killed in a car accident when she was about eight years old. She had no other family, just her Aunt Bren, so she moved here to live with her.”

“Bren would be the housekeeper at the Triple Star?”

“Correct and she has lived in the guest house for as long as I can remember, so naturally Taylor was always around too. Cade took her under his wing. Thick as thieves. Neither distance nor fame has been able to shake their bond. It’s sweet, really.”


“She’s an actress. You know…Taylor Ross? Surely you’ve heard of her? Gorgeous, blonde, sexy action flick queen?”

 “Wait that Taylor Ross? Cade has a thing going with a movie star?”

She glared at him. “No. He does not have a thing going with Taylor. She’s his best friend, not a girlfriend. I talked to her a couple of hours ago. Her horse foaled this morning. She probably loves that horse almost as much as she loves Cade.”

“I thought you said they didn’t have a thing.” Howl looked skeptical.

“They don’t.”

“If you say so.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Only that I disagree. I don’t think men and women can be friends. Not with that level of devotion and history. Someone is bound to cross the line.”

“Men and women can have strong emotions for each other and still just be friends, Howl.”

He frowned. “Not in my experience. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Half my cases are following ‘friends’ that took their relationship too far.”

“That’s a little sad.”

“Pays the bills.”

“I suppose it does. Still sad. Jace and I are friends. I have a lot of male friends actually. I never think of them that way.”

“Doesn’t mean they don’t see you on that level. You and Jace were lovers.” Howl growled.

“We were barely more than eighteen.”

“Doesn’t make any difference. I’d bet he still thinks about you like that.”

“Well he is a definite flirt, but I doubt he thinks of me that way. Don’t you think you and I could be friends? Chat on the phone, watch a movie. Go places together without wanting more. Couldn’t we?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Because every time I looked at you…never mind. This just proves my point.”

“I want to know, Howl.” Her voice turned husky, even to her own ears. She slid her hand across the glossy tabletop and linked her fingers in his. Uh oh. Warmth radiated through her fingertips, through her body. The magic in her blood swirled in reaction.

“I’d imagine what you’d taste like every second we were together. How would you feel underneath me, wrapped around me? What would it be like to sink into your warmth? Your scent would drug me. I would crave you like breath and there would be no hiding those feelings under the guise of friendship.” Howl pushed away from the table and pulled her out of the chair and against him. His hands were rough, warm, and she ached to have them slide over her skin.

“I would crave your touch, your kiss.”

Out of breath, she said, “Point taken.”

“Make no mistake. I don’t want to be your friend, Ana, or at least not only a friend. I want more. And I think you want that too. It’s clear we have some kind of chemistry here.”

“I can’t argue with that, but we barely know each other.” Her words were tinged with hesitation, but her body pressed into his. She linked her hands around his neck.

“Who the hell cares?”

“Nosy busybodies with too much time on their hands?”

He laughed. “Then let’s give them something to gossip about.”

“There are some things you should know about me.”

“Same here.” His mouth dipped close to hers. “But when it comes to this, they don’t mean a damn thing. There is a certain kind of freedom in giving in to what even if it might be bad for you.”

“And are you bad for me?”

“Or very good.”

“Let’s find out.”

Brynna Curry was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line in a small Alabama town. Growing up, books fueled her dreams and imagination, ultimately became her sanctuary during the hardest times in her life. After living all over the southern states, she finally landed back in north Alabama where she met her husband, Jackie. She spent a wonderful twenty-two years with her hero, raising their three children.

Now widowed, she spends her free time writing and tending her ‘army’ of feral cats and rescued strays. Her furry minions, Jace, Styxx, Beerus, and Asheron, are always willing to keep her company while she works. She insists love is the truest magic and with it, every day is an adventure.

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Liberty by Kim Iverson Headlee




by Kim Iverson Headlee

Genre: Historical Romance

How hard would you fight for a chance at love across a vast social divide?

Betrayed by her father and sold as payment of a Roman tax debt to fight in Londinium's arena, gladiatrix-slave Rhyddes feels like a wild beast in a gilded cage. Celtic warrior blood flows in her veins, but Roman masters own her body. She clings to her vow that no man shall claim her soul, though Marcus Calpurnius Aquila, son of the Roman governor, makes her yearn for a love she believes impossible.

Groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps and trapped in a politically advantageous betrothal, Aquila prefers the purity of combat on the amphitheater sands to the sinister intrigues of imperial politics, and the raw power and athletic grace of the flame-haired Libertas to the adoring deference of Rome's noblewomen.

When a plot to overthrow Caesar ensnares them as pawns in the dark design, Aquila must choose between the Celtic slave who has won his heart and the empire to which they both owe allegiance. Trusting no man and knowing the opposite of obedience is death, the only liberty offered to any slave, Rhyddes must embrace her arena name, Libertas—and the love of a man willing to sacrifice everything to forge a future with her.



Excerpt from Chapter 1: Meeting the hero 

Marcus Calpurnius Aquila sprawled on his belly across the cushioned and linen-draped marble massage table, his head, arms, shins, and feet jutting over the table’s padded edges. As the male slave worked eucalyptus-scented unguent into the aching muscles, Marcus could feel the tensions of combat seep away.

Too bad the man couldn’t work out the knots in Marcus’s relationship with his father, Sextus Calpurnius Agricola, governor of Britannia province.

Citing “official business” yet again, Agricola had declined to witness Marcus’s gladiatorial bout in Londinium’s amphitheater this afternoon. His opponent had fought well, causing Marcus in his scanty armor to work up a sweat that, judging by the reverberating high-pitched cheers, had all the women swooning with delight.

Never mind that Marcus, who fought under his cognomen, Aquila, the Eagle, remained a perennial favorite with the crowd. Agricola never missed an opportunity to point out that his arena exhibitions—and the resulting private liaisons with adoring female spectators—flirted with the precipice of social acceptability and could damage Marcus’s political aspirations.


**Only .99 cents until Aug 26th!!**


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Kim Headlee lives on a farm in southwestern Virginia with her family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, and assorted wildlife. People and creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins--the latter having been occupied as recently as the mid-twentieth century--seem to be sticking around for a while yet.

Kim has been a published novelist since 1999 with the first edition of Dawnflight (Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster) and has been studying the Arthurian legends for nigh on half a century.


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The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins



The Descendants

The Descendants Series Book 1

by Destiny Hawkins

Genre: Dark Fantasy


Fail the tests and become a slave. Display defectiveness and be put to death.

Monroe Academy was built to separate the weak from the strong. Pass the biyearly leveling and be released into society upon graduation. Fail to be promoted and be stripped of rank and forced into servitude.

That was a rule that applied to all but Rayah Bardeau. A student of Monroe Academy, branded as a Null because of her absence of Lighter energy. With her mother standing as a slave in her place, Rayah was given until the age of twenty to make level six, but at nineteen-years-old and with only eight months until her twentieth birthday, she was only a mere level one. The same level she’s been since she was ten.

With the stress of her upcoming test, the loss of a friend, and the constant wrongdoings towards her, Rayah could only dream of escaping from Lytonia, and escape she did. Only, when she awakened in her dorm, she couldn’t distinguish if she had only dreamt of meeting Soren, a wild and adventurous defect in the Wild Lands, or if she had somehow used her Lighter Form to get there. 

But only the elite ― the most powerful of Lighters ― could tap into their Lighter Forms. Right?

And what was the dark energy she used when she and Soren were attacked by Depleters? Was Rayah really as powerless as she thought? Was she a defect? And if she used dark energy, could she call herself a Lighter at all?

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the first installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective. 

**Only $1.50!!**

Goodreads * Amazon

The Calling

The Descendants Series Book 2


She was given a second chance to prove that she could fall in line, but with her lack of power, that would be impossible.

Rayah's entire life, she'd always been different from everyone else, and in Lytonia, being different was treated as a crime, but in her case, she was granted a pass.

In only a few months, she had to present her abilities to the council and prove to them that she was worthy of walking the halls of Monroe Academy, but Artemis, her tormentor and superior officer, would stop at nothing to keep her from excelling. Being powerless and not proving herself meant that she would be transitioned into a slave, and Artemis would become her master.

What Rayah realized was that she wasn't as powerless as she thought. For weeks she had been able to do things that only the elite lighters could do, and even though this meant that she was strong, it made her more different than she could have ever imagined. Rayah went from being weak to possibly being as strong as a Gods Daughter, and she couldn’t tell anyone.

The standard colors of a Lytonians powers are white, royal blue, and turquoise blue.

Hers were black…

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the second installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective. 

**On Sale for Only .99 cents!!**

Goodreads * Amazon


Destiny Hawkins is a multi-genre author with a dark imagination and a love for magic.

She enjoys cooking, running, swimming, listening to music, reading, and of course watching anime filled with fantasy! Her favorite genres to read and work in are Fantasy, LGBT, Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian, Sci-fi, and young adult. After three years of writing she has published almost 20 books and she has many more coming!

Website * Facebook * FB Group * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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$15 Amazon, Signed Copies of The Descendants & The Calling

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Kat Martin -- Why I Love Writing Romance




From birth to death, romance is part of everyone’s lives, a mother’s love for her newborn baby, a son or daughter’s love for a parent, or love for the person who shares your life. 

Falling in love is the part that intrigues me.  I love giving my characters obstacles that reveal their strengths and weaknesses, everything from murder and mayhem to running for their lives.  The obstacles they face form the plots of my stories.  The way the characters overcome them shows their strengths and weaknesses and eventually is what draws the two of them together. 

In my latest Romantic Thriller, THE DECEPTION, book two of my Maximum Security series, Kate Gallagher is devastated when she learns her sister has been murdered.  Determined to find Chrissy’s killer, Kate hires lethal bounty hunter, Hawk Maddox.  Working together, they follow a trail of clues that lead them deep into the city’s underbelly.  Though Hawk warns her of the danger, nothing he says can convince Kate to walk away.

The best part of writing a romantic thriller is that the reader can be sure the perils the couple faces will be worth it.  By the last page of the book, the hero and heroine are going to find the forever kind of love and get the happy ending they deserve.

I hope you will watch for THE DECEPTION, and that if you haven’t read THE CONSPIRACY, you’ll look for it, too.

Till then very best wishes and happy reading,







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Kat Martin's The Conspiracy



As the land cruiser rolled along the highway, Harper tried to relax, but worry nagged her.  She didn't like the big, dark-haired man with the obsidian eyes and scarred face.  With his hard features and powerful, muscular body, Killian Dawson made her more than a little uneasy.

Even his name set her on edge.  Killian.  Kil, he called himself.  She wondered if he spelled it with two LLs.   

She couldn't imagine how a man who hadn't cut his hair in months, hadn't shaved in days, could possibly be handsome, but somehow he was.  She thought that a man who exuded that kind of masculinity wouldn't have any trouble attracting women, though his crude brand of sexuality didn't appeal to her and only made her dislike him more. 

It didn't matter what she thought of him.  They needed his help to find Michael, and Dawson clearly knew what he was doing.  She would follow his orders, do whatever she had to. 

Besides, she was armed and so was Chase.  In a different but equally masculine way, Chase was Dawson's equal.  He was smart, his body hard, all lean-muscled power and strength.  She could count on Chase to protect her, believed that in every cell of her body. 

Maybe it was because she was Michael's sister, or that she was a woman, but she didn't think so.  Something was happening between them.  She had begun to see it in Chase's eyes whenever he looked at her and thought she wouldn't see. 

Something hot and sexual was happening that neither of them wanted--Harper revised the thought--or at least something Chase didn't want.  Harper was growing more and more certain having sex with Chase Garrett was exactly what she wanted. 

Whatever the truth, at least for now both of them were doing their best to ignore it.  They were there to save Michael and Pia.  That was all that mattered.

An hour and a half after they left Santa Marta following the GPS coordinates Tabitha Love had given to Chase, Kil Dawson pulled the Land Cruiser off the Mingueo-Santa Marta highway onto a two-lane road headed directly toward the ocean.  The road quickly narrowed to a single dirt track, and a few miles later, the sea appeared in front of them, an endless expanse of blue. 

The road turned slightly south and ran along the edge of a cove.  A ways farther on, a few weary structures appeared ahead of them, a gas station with only a single pump, and what passed for a restaurant with rooms above.  A permanent VACANT sign swung in the breeze on a pole outside the entrance.  Next to it, the door to the Las Palmaras Cantina stood open.

The village was mostly deserted, just a kid on a ratty, bicycle and a couple of older women in ankle-length, gathered skirts walking along the dirt street.  A mongrel black and white dogged sniffed a trash can in the ally beside the restaurant looking for something to eat.

It was the sleek white sailboat bobbing at a long wooden dock on the west side of the cove that captured Harper's attention.  Her mouth went dry as she recognized her brother's beautiful yacht, BUZZ Word.  

"There it is!"  She pointed excitedly over Chase's shoulder.  "Michael's boat.  That's it!"

Dawson pulled the vehicle off the main road onto an even narrower dirt track that wound into deep green foliage.  Reaching beneath his seat, he dragged out a pair of binoculars and began to scan the dock, the village, and the area around it for what seemed the longest time. 

"Looks deserted," he finally said.  "No way to know for sure till we check it out."

Harper's gaze remained on the boat, her heart throbbing.  They'd found the yacht, but what had happened to Michael and Pia?  She didn't see anyone aboard the vessel.  Had they been murdered for the money the valuable yacht would bring?  She shoved the grim thought out of her head.  Her brother was alive somewhere and being held for ransom.  Chase had said it was still a possibility. 

Putting the cruiser into four-wheel drive, Dawson drove farther down the muddy trail until they were completely hidden from view.  The engine went dead and Dawson stepped out of the vehicle.  At the same time, so did Chase. 

Silently, the men walked to the rear of the cruiser and opened the tailgate to the cargo area.  They both started unzipping gear bags and pulling out clothes and equipment. 

When the men began to peel off their shirts and jeans, Harper looked away.  By the time she looked back, both men were dressed, both wearing camo pants and T-shirts.  The olive drab Tee that Chase had put on outlined the muscles across his chest and abdomen and stretched around his amazing biceps.  He'd strapped one of Dawson's long-bladed knives to his thigh and a second pistol hung from a belt around his waist. 

He looked like a man she had never seen before.  Tall, hard-edged, hard-bodied, and determined.  He hadn't shaved since they'd left Aruba and the dark gold beard along his jaw now joined the rough stubble on his cheeks, making him appear rugged and dangerous.  A looked like a man who could handle whatever he faced, exactly the right man for the job ahead of him.

It was exactly the wrong time for her to feel a shot of lust.

Kil Dawson closed the back of the cruiser while Chase walked around and opened the rear passenger door.  "You need to stay here," he said.  "You've got a gun.  If you get in trouble, fire off a shot.  We won't be far away."


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