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Barbara Dan's Happy Valley Series


Best Kept Secrets

No one in Happy Valley ever suspected Walker Simmons' deep, dark secret. Indeed, how could they? Easy going, well liked, and dependable, Walker Simmons is just your average, easy-going cowboy. He works hard, cracks jokes when the going gets tough, and even comes up with pretty fair Sunday sermons in his spare time at church.

Not that he's a holier-than-thou kind of guy. No calling down fire and brimstone on cowpokes hung over from Saturday night. None of that. Walker Simmons is a friend to everyone, be they saint or sinner, man, woman or child. Never married, though a few young ladies cast a hopeful eye in his direction . . .

But all that changes one bone-chilling day in March of 1889, when tragedy struck at the Gunderson's ranch down the road. Secretly in love with his best friend's wife Mitzi for years, Walker convinces the grieving young widow that with a ranch to run and a ten-year-old son to raise, she needs a man around the place to do the heavy lifting. And, oh, yes, by the way, perhaps they should tie the knot, so as not to shock the neighbors?

Deeply moved by such neighborly concern, Mitzi accepts his proposal. And so this happy bachelor moves in to fill her late husband's shoes. It doesn't take long before the sparks begin to fly!
Round Up the Brides
English playboy, Stuart Braden, is a man on a mission to discover untold riches in the wilds of Wyoming, when he uncovers a treasure more valuable than gold . . . But from the moment he sets eyes on the beautiful Suzanne Gallagher, the path to winning this lively young lady’s heart is fraught with peril.

First, the stagecoach he’s sharing with the enchanting Miss Suzanne gets held up, interfering with his wooing. Disposing of the outlaws–he with his Colt .45 and she with her trusty Smith & Wesson–Stuart eagerly follows Suzanne to Happy Valley, where her family and neighbors are busy preparing for the annual roundup and cattle drive.

But alas! Courting this feisty rancher’s daughter soon presents an even greater test of his manly skills, when hired gunmen launch a surprise attack, aimed at taking over the ranchers’ lands, cattle, and water rights by deadly force. Caught in the middle of a range war, the ranchers are seriously outnumbered. All this death and destruction won’t end unless these ruthless killers are put out of business–permanently.

Trust the wily Stuart to come up with a solution only Cupid would approve!
Home Is Where the Heart Is
When Wyoming rancher Sam Gallagher advertises in the New York Times for a housekeeper, a young woman with a venturesome spirit, Meg Wolverton, accepts the position eagerly. Being short on travel money, Meg hires on with the Children's Aid Society to help transport thirty homeless waifs from the slums of New York to loving homes all across America. The orphan train stops at every whistle-stop town along the way, hopefully matching up these rambunctious orphans with suitable families. But alas, a few manage to slip through the cracks. To be specific, three children still need homes-as Meg discovers to her dismay, upon arriving in Cheyenne. To make matters worse, Meg's new employer is late meeting the train. 
Will he show up? Will she lose her job and wind up destitute, with three un-adoptable orphans to support? Or does God have a better plan?

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