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Happy St. Valentine's Interview with Actor/Model John Antorino


Valentine’s Day with John Antorino

Model and actor John Antorino stays busy acting in Los Angeles and New York City playing many roles but still makes time to appear on covers and to do charity work for children and others.

John was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey along with his twin sister, by his loving single mom. He has worked internationally in fashion and fitness, doing underwear ad campaigns, appeared in many of the top fitness and muscle magazines, is the face of Muscle Wiz supplement company, and has a BA in Psychology.

Not to mention, he’s the sexy man and hero who graces our novel covers. I’m excited to be chatting this week with John about Valentine’s Day; one of the most romantic days of the year and John is definitely a man full of love, romance, and passion!!!

Debra: John, thank you for doing this Valentines Day interview. This is going to be fun!

John: You’re welcome. Always my pleasure!!


Debra: Most of us grew up making Valentines or buying Valentines cards for our schoolmates in elementary school and leaving them in those little Valentines boxes we all made. Do you have Valentines Day memories of making or choosing a special Valentine when you were in school?

John: Yes of course. Those fun schoolboy puppy love days. They were stress free and drama free. Haha. Can we bring those days back please?! I’ve always been a giver in life and even back then as a boy I wanted to give each girl a Valentine. I never wanted to leave anyone out or hurt any feelings. And of course, I’ve always loved the ladies and been a ladies man (Sexy smirk and laugh)


Debra: Oh yes, let’s bring those days back! I miss the sweet innocence of those days. Children have such wide-open loving hearts. Adults can too if we’re brave enough. A child will put their whole heart into creating a Valentine. Wanting that Valentine to be just right, we worked hard at making or choosing them. As an adult it can still be hard to choose the perfect card. Would you rather receive a funny Valentines Day card or a mushy Valentines Day card? Which kind of card do you tend to give?

John: I can be a softy and a real lover boy at times. Especially with that special lady. So, it’s usually mushy both give and receive. But only with the right woman and someone special to me. 

Debra: I know you work and travel a lot for work and appearances. When you have free time what do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

John: Yes I sure stay busy and on the move always. I love it. We get one life and 24 hrs in a day to make it all happen.

When I’m not working and traveling I love relaxing. Cooking a good meal or getting food in with some good movies and some snacks....

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