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Golden Flogger Award Finalists

Hope everyone has had a great 4th of July weekend. 

Just because the 4th is over doesn’t mean the festivities are. Below are several reasons to celebrate!

We know you were busy this weekend so we’ve extended the early bird registration till Friday, July 10th. Register now or use our easy payment plan to lock in your savings at the early bird price of only $250 for four days of fun, Mix & Mingles with authors & readers, a night at a BDSM Club, over 30-hours of BDSM education and an amazing BDSM Book Fair. Not to mention all the amazing giveaways and goodies we have in store for you including a few 4-day/3-night vacation getaways.  After July 10, registration will be at the full rate of $300.

Here’s another reason to celebrate. Our judges have made the selection for this year’s Golden Flogger Award Finalists. Check out if your favorite author made the cut and join us in congratulating them!  Plus, purchase one of the Finalists’ books this week and  you’ll receive a FREE BDSM eBook. Just send a copy of your receipt to  

We received 188 books for consideration of the Golden Flogger Award. Thirty-three books were disqualified as they did not meet the criteria for a BDSM novel or were not published in 2014. Below are our Golden Flogger Award Finalists. We believe these forty-six books represent some of the best BDSM romance and non-fiction on the market today.  Finalists are listed alphabetically by author in each category.


BDSM Light

Sierra Cartwright  --  Crave

Jenna Jacobs  --  Saving my submission    

Anne Lange – Hers to own

Roz Lee --  Spring Training – Mustangs Baseball #5

Jillian Verne – Masterpiece  


BDSM Advanced

Cris Anson  --  Redemption & Glory

Lexi Blake  --  A View to Thrill   

Lexi Blake  -- Dungeon Royale

R.E. Hargrave  --  Surreal   

Annabel Joseph  --  Bound in Blue

Stacey Kennedy  --  Bared: A Sin Club novel

Trista Ann Michael --  Master Delacroix

Cherise Sinclair  --  Edge of the Enforcer  


BDSM Dark Erotica

Alaska Angelini   --  Unbearable  

Tara Crescent  --  The Audition      

Drury Jamison --  Safe Words

Claire Thompson   --  Beyond the Compound   



Corinne Alexander  --  Brush of Violet  

R.G. Alexander  --  The Cowboy’s Kink

Alaska Angelini  --  Dom Up, Devlin Black

Cris Anson  --  Aaron’s Jewel

Elizabeth SaFleur  --  Holiday Ties

Cherise Sinclair  --  1001 Nights: Show Me, Baby


Dominant Women & submissive Men

Lynda Aicher  --  Bonds of Courage

Joey W. Hill & Desiree Holt  --  Nightfall

Lori King  --  Mistress Hedonism



Sean Michael  --   Underground: Special Teams 

Josephine Myles  --  How To Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps

Tiffany Reisz  --  The King

L.M. Somerton  --  Rasputin’s Kiss

Claire Thompson  --  The Contract 



Rhiannon Ayers  --  Saints United

Kira Barker  --  Caught in the Middle

Shayla Black  --  Theirs to Cherish

Avery Gale  --  Punishing for Pleasure 

Jennifer Kacey  --  Jenna’s Consent



Riley Bancroft  --  Tempest in Disguise

Joey W. Hill  --  The Scientific Method

Selena Illyria – Making Demons Purr  



Raven Kaldera & Del Tashlin  --  Broken Toys: Submissives

     With Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction

Mike Makai  --  The Warrior Princess Submissive 

Jolynn Raymond  --  Taken In Hand



Edited by D.L. King --  Slave Girls

Edited by D.L. King --  She who must be obeyed

Edited by Alison Tyler – Twisted Bondage with an Edge

Edited by Lori Perkins  -- First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology


Note: The judges would like to acknowledge the fact that The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2014 was nominated by several people and reached the Finalist’s stage of the Golden Flogger Awards. Unfortunately, it cannot be considered as a winner due to its association with the conference. Therefore, we’d like to at least acknowledge its Finalist nomination and the authors within it.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Host & Founder
BDSM Writers Con,  Inc.


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