Something Precious by Nia Farrell

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Something Precious

by Nia Farrell


Cordell “Cruz” Colson’s world ended when the woman he and his brother loved was kidnapped and killed by a rival MC.  After four years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Cord learns that Rachel is alive and living under an assumed name.  As soon as Cord walks out a free man, the former biker and his porn star brother Cameron head for the little town of Posey, Minnesota.  They’re determined to take Rachel home with them where she belongs.

Only Rachel isn’t alone.

Rachel Givens aka Rae Simmons has post-rape PTSD and a three-year-old autistic daughter, father unknown.  A blood test will hopefully answer the question of paternity.  Chances are, Hannah belongs to Cord.  Whatever the results, the Colson brothers won’t rest until Rachel remembers what it was like to submit to them, to be shared by them.  Two men love her, and they’ll do whatever it takes to win her back and be a family.

A New Age, New Adult MFM BDSM ménage, written for ages 18+.


Sneak Peek

Nia Farrell

Something Precious




“What do you mean, she’s alive?”

I stare at my brother Cam.  I reek with the stench of prison and he smells like the movie star that he is.  Granted, it’s porn, but he can afford a dresser, a hair stylist, and a personal trainer to keep his eight-pack abs in perfect shape.

“Just what I said.  Hell, Cord.”  He runs a hand through his hundred dollar haircut and slaps the steering wheel as he drives.  “Look, I heard about someone matching her description.  I hired someone to confirm it.  She goes by Rae Simmons now, but it’s her.  I didn’t tell you because you were too close to getting out.  I wouldn’t have put it past you to make a run for it, once you knew where to find her.”

I rub my temples, struggling to process what he’s telling me and all that his news implies.  Rachel—our Rachel—is alive.  It’s a goddamn miracle.  But no word to let us know?  She let us fucking believe that she died?  We loved her.  Her death ripped out our hearts.

She ripped out our hearts.

All this time, I’ve been blaming the Blackwater Demons MC.

Fuck.  Me.

Fuck.  Her.

“God damn it.”  I’m pissed now.  “How could she?”

Cam is calm enough, I want to punch him, shake him up.  But then, he’s had more time to deal with this.  “Think, Cord.  Remember the security camera footage?  They took her from her house.  She was probably afraid they’d come for her again.  Hell, she might still be afraid.  Right now, we need to think about how to approach her.  We can’t let her run again.  We’ve got to let her know that it’s safe to come home.”

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Two more, and it starts taking the edge off my anger.  “So where is she?”

“Some little hick town named Posey.  Its claim to fame is a couple of diners that have been featured on TV.  Rachel is a waitress at one of them.”

Déjà vu.  I almost smile.  Rachel worked in an ice cream shop when we met.  She had planned to go to college and be a nurse.  I guess all that changed when she “died.”  Now she’s waiting tables and goes by the name of Rae Simmons, the other girl who was taken.

The girl we buried in Rachel Given’s grave.

“How far?” I ask, not that it matters.  I’d go to the ends of the earth to see Rachel again.  The fucked-up part is not knowing what’s going to happen after that.  She was taken because of me.  She suffered because of me.  She’s been living a lie for four years, and she’s about to be slammed in the face with reality.  The truth is, I want her regardless.  I don’t care about the past.  I don’t care about who she’s been with in the time that we’ve been apart.  Well, I can’t let myself care, anyway.  I.  Just.  Can’t.

I can’t.

There’s too much at stake.  For the first time in years, I feel… alive.  I feel… hope.

When I was told that she’d died, it felt like the biggest part of me left with her.  I went through the motions, not caring what happened.  I went where I was directed and did what I was told.  The club was my life now that Rachel was gone.

I missed her.  Dear God, I missed her.  I took flowers to her grave and let myself shed the tears that no one else should see.  I got angry, with God, with that fickle bitch Luck, with Rachel, for not being here, for leaving me alone.  On the worst nights, I drank myself to sleep.  I became an animated, hollow shell of a man.  I existed.  Nothing more.  But now… the part of me that found her, that knew her and loved her… it’s back.  Resurrected.  The fracture line is still there, but I’m praying it will heal in time.  The only chance I have at any kind of life worth living is a second chance with her.


Something Precious (The Three Graces Book Seven) by Nia Farrell

Length 28,243 words.  Release date November 1, 2018.

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