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March Man-ness Cover Art Contest ~~ Got a gorgeous guy on your cover? Show him off!
We've decided it's been way too cold this year and we need some heat!   We’re warming up for the annual Hot Guyz Patrol Contest.  Details on how to Show Off Your Sexy Guy! 
March Man-ness Cover Art Contest Entrants 

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It's in His

          Kiss Contest!! 
Kiss scene contest (just the kiss)  It's time to vote for your favorite kiss  in the Affaire de Coeur It's in HIs Kiss Contest!!
Did your favorite author win? The votes are in! 
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Grab your favorite beverage, a few snacks, relax in a comfortable chair, and settle in for some great reading.  Romance – Contemporary – Historical – Paranormal – Suspense/Mystery –Fantasy – LGTB - BDSM and Erotic romance. 
The AdC Bookshelf
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For your TBR:  We have a great selection of books from your favorite authors on the AdCBookshelf, where you will find the best books to read. 


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Who stole the bookie from the bookie jar? Not me!

We're giving them away. Click on the Bookie Jar for a copy of a free book from our bookie jar! 

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Read Heather Graham's excerpt of The Dead Play On


Great reads from some great authors. Click on the covers for the Chapter Preview.

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Megan does have something she's hiding, but it's not what Cal thinks. Ultimately, the truth will make it impossible for him to see their African adventure as a simple seduction—and to let her go. Read the chapter preview of A Sinful Seduction.




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Samantha had almost reached her door when she saw a man walking toward her, tall and heavyset, weaving a little. His suit was wrinkled, his brown hair mussed and falling over a wide forehead. Obviously he was drunk. Read the chapter preview of Against the Sky.



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Sexy, suspenseful #2 novel of the Mind's Eye Series finds psychic detectives Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker facing a murderous, unknown foe who is determined to destroy everything beautiful in Levi's life -- including Trudy. Will Levi's love claim her or kill her? Read the chapter preview of Through His Touch.



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Kat Martin's Blog ~~ One lucky winner will receive  a copy of Against the Sky! Comment on Kat’s blog post and you could win  one copy of either a paperback, kindle or nook – winner’s choice! Against the Sky Comment Contest!

Facebook Changes It's Newsfeed Policy ~~ Let's go straight to the issues. 

Ways to Stay Safe~~ Thank you to Corp. Pam Hibbs for providing the community with tips on how to keep you and your identity safe this holiday season. 

Pambling Roads ~~ Our dream come true, the Grand Canyon. For over twenty years my husband and I have planned to go to the Grand Canyon. Every time we made plans to take the trip something, somehow, some way, always ended up happening and the dream vacation was put on the back burner.  Continue with Pambling Roads

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