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Interview with Deborah Camp

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 Kat Martin (300×233)


Kat Martin

Affaire de Coeur's

February Calendar Girl

 Interview with Kat Martin




Sneak Peek Deborah Camp's

Solitary Horseman

The Civil War is over, but the battles continue. Callum Latimer returned from the war to a life he didn’t want and with inner battle scars he can’t heal. Banner Payne clutched desperately to the remaining shreds of the life she’d known, but she is losing her grip. Continue reading


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Wild Horse Spings with Jodi Thomas
In the heart of Ransom Canyon, sometimes the right match for a lonely soul is the one you least expect. Continue reading.
Just the Right Match with Kat Martin
Finding the right match for the hero and heroine is one of the toughest and most exciting parts of writing a novel. Continue reading.
Pambling Roads ~ Colorado

Pambling Roads brings you to Denver, Colorado where we will meet up with family and enjoy some of the finer fun spots in the Denver area. Continue reading.

Contest!! The Nowhere Man preorder swag and contest!

From the Desk of Rick Chesler Dear Readers, This is a quick note to let you know about my latest novel release, a coauthored horror story with supernatural elements. THE FLAT by Jack Douglas and Rick Chesler

Pambling Roads ~~ Idaho and Wyoming
Pambling Roads, Meeting the Americans continues. Our travels bring us to Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful! We met people from all over the world and from all over North America. There wasn’t one moment when we weren’t rubbernecking to see everything we possibly could. I call Yellowstone the Animal Kingdom of the West. continue



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